Nikhil Barthwal

About me

Several years of industry experience in all aspects of Software Development Life-cycle. I act as a startup mentor and provide technical advice to start-ups. My expertise includes:

  • Cloud Computing: Developing Cloud Native applications, Migrating legacy applications to the cloud
  • Functional Programming: Using Functional Programming techniques to develop Applications & Web services
  • Microservices & Serverless: Microservices architecture, Serverless computing, Migration from Monolithic to Microservices, Processes & Tools for Developing/Testing/Deploying Microservices, Deployment patterns
  • Software Architectural Patterns: Domain Driven Design (DDD) / Event Sourcing / Event Driven Architecture / Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS)
  • DevOps: Building CI/CD pipelines, Tools like Jenkins/Teamcity, Kubernetes, Knative, Unikernels
  • Development methodologies: Agile development, Scrums, Lean Development, Kanban, Test Driven development, Pair programming
  • Build & Test automation: Build tools (Maven, Gradle, Buck, Bazel, MSBuild), Various Test methodologies (Unit testing & Integration testing), On-Demand Test enviroments, Chaos Engineering, Static analysis

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Conference Talks

I am a frequent speaker in International conferences. Below are the list of places where I have given a talk.

Year 2022: Year 2021: Year 2020: Year 2019: Year 2018: Year 2017: Meetups & Other talks:

Program Committee membership

I have served (or currently serving) on Program Committees for the following conferences:

  • Functional conf 2022, in March 2022
  • Worldwide Software Architecture Summit (Vol. 2), in August 2021
  • KubeCon - North America 2020 (Virtual), in Boston USA in November 2020
  • KubeCon - Europe 2020 (Virtual), in Amsterdam NETHERLANDS in August 2020 (Track chair for Serverless)
  • KubeCon - North America 2019, in San Diego USA in November 2019
  • KubeCon - China 2019, in Shanghai CHINA in June 2019
  • KubeCon - Europe 2019, in Barcelona SPAIN in May 2019
  • Agile India 2019, in Bengaluru, INDIA in March 2019
  • Lambda Day 2018, in Krakow, POLAND in February 2018

Conference Videos

Here are the videos of some of my talks. Please click on the image to play them adn the arrow buttons on the sides to navigate: